Old photos.

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Victoria Larsen

10.01.2017 kl.23:30

For noen flotte bilder!! :)

Ellie Summer

10.01.2017 kl.23:42

Victoria Larsen: takk

12.01.2017 kl.06:09

Såå nydelige bilder :)

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Ellie Summer

Ellie Summer

22, Nøtterøy

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. I like to share my photos of landscapes and night skies on social media, but I do not like when some people copy others' photos without permission or taking credit for someone else's photo, I have only experienced that someone has tried to take credit for my photos and I do not like it! All photos and videos are taken by me, do not copy my photos and videos without my permisson.