About me

I´m a 22 y/o girl from Norway, 

I have big dreams I want to achieve in life, but what stops me from living the life I've dreamed about for so long? my reason is fear..

I started with astrophotography when I was 19 years old.

I want to become a engineer (I want to build a space shuttle), Pilot, professional astrophotographer or something else.

My dream job is to become an astronaut maybe someday or work for Nasa.

My dream is also to become the first Norwegian astronaut.


My interests: Travel, Sports, Training, Photography, Astrophotography, Astronomy..

- Ellie S.K

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Victoria Larsen

20.04.2017 kl.15:30

Jeg ønsker deg en fin torsdag :-)

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Ellie Summer

Ellie Summer

22, Nøtterøy

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. I like to share my photos of landscapes and night skies on social media, but I do not like when some people copy others' photos without permission or taking credit for someone else's photo, I have only experienced that someone has tried to take credit for my photos and I do not like it! All photos and videos are taken by me, do not copy my photos and videos without my permisson.